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Terra Vest knitting pattern

Today I'd like to share my new knitted design - Terra Vest. I've made this vest in size 9-12 months for my little daughter Veronica.

This vest is really fancy and easy project. It is knitted in the round and completely seamless.
It is knitted bottom up in the round up to underarms and then front and back are finished separately back and forth. 

The top edge of the vest is finished with knitted bind off. Because of breast bands this vest will last a bit longer than other garments, you can simply reattach the buttons.

I've written the knitting pattern which was successfully test knitted on Ravelry. Thank you so much to my lovely test knitters! 

The knitting pattern for my Terra Vest can be downloaded from one of my pattern stores:

on Ravelry:

on Craftsy:

on Etsy:

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Handmade FIMO Stitch Markers and Beads


Recently I’ve been busy working on my new project – polymer clay beads for jewellery for myself and my girls. I really love working with polymer clay. It is very interesting material which can be used in so many different ways. A couple years ago I’ve already used it for some accessories for my Teddy Bear projects and even have made couple of miniature figures. So now I’ve decided to give it another try and learn a number of new technologies. It is so interesting and exciting! Also I’m planning to create some jewellery using glass beads, different charms and materials. 

During the last two weeks I’ve made more than 200 beads in different sizes, colours and patterns as well as a number of solid bracelets and miniatures. Although I’m still in process of buying all necessary bits for jewellery assembly I’ve decided to create a number of sets of stitch markers. For my stitch markers I wanted to imitate the balls of melange yarn balls. Also I used crystal and seed beads and silver plated findings.  Below you can see the result of this work. The stitch marker sets are available for sale from my Etsy store.

The green set of stitch markers is made with glass beads.

Below pictures of some beads. Because of the technology each bead has it's own unique pattern which never be repeated. Every bead is covered with two layers of gloss vanish for shimmer look and extra durability.

Do these beads look like lollies? :)

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