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5 ways to use ChalkOla wet wipe markers – product review and discount code.

Recently I’ve been contacted by Chalkola and asked if I can review their product. Honestly speaking I’ve never reviewed any products but I really love trying new craft items so I’ve agreed to give it a try.
So, I received two sets – ChalkOla Earth Color Series and ChalkOla Party Colors. These markers designed to use on any non-porous surfaces and craft paper. They contain liquid chalk (looks like quick dry paint) inside.

Description from ChalkOla: “These 6mm Bullet Tip Markers - replace Regular chalk which leads to dust, dull creative art. Chalkola dry erase markers are a great option if you want bold and smooth letters that won’t be smudged. It is easy to write with and can be used for kid’s projects, brainstorming ideas in your Workplace, Cafe Menu, Message boards, creating art at home…”

These markers require some preparation before first use. You need to shake the marker well with cap on and up-right, remove the cap and the press the tip to and fro multiple times to get the ink flowing. But you need to be careful and do not press for too long. Otherwise you can have too much ink coming out which can slightly splash around. But after a couple of prepared markers you should be fine.
These markers have a very beautiful bright and saturated colors comparing to other types of wipe markers. Also, the white marker is included into both sets. It was the main reason why I wanted to try this product.
The ink takes some time to dry and can be easily cleaned off with the wet wipe. I used baby wipes for this which I’ve got plenty around as a mom of two busy toddlers. 

So below my five ideas how you can use these markers around your house. 

1.    Chalk board is a first surface I’ve tried to use the ChalkOla pens. It is so easy to create a beautiful picture (for those who is good at drawing) or write a message and have no chalk dust. There is no nasty smell from these markers like from some others. 

2.    White magnetic board. Normally white boards are used for presentations and explanations in the manner “write and wipe”. But these markers are not suitable for this purpose as it is not possible to wipe the dried ink off very quickly and with no mess. Normally it is required a couple of wet wipes to clean the surface completely. You should rather draw a picture and keep it for some time. Also if you try to add more details to your drawing after chalk ink dried the marker will take out the previous layer of chalk ink.

3.    Mirrors, windows or any other glass surfaces around the house. This is one of my favourite ideas. You can write a reminder for yourself, message to your family or decorate your windows for the coming Christmas and New Year. I’ve tried to decorate my dressing table mirror with white marker and left my message to my “beloved Santa” :) This weekend I’m going to decorate my windows with Christmas stickers and use ChalkOla markers too!

4.    Decoration and labelling of indoor plant pots, glasses or any other glass kitchen jars. It is one of good ideas too! You can decorate you plant pots as many times as you want, so they would match your mood, style or time of year (why not?) Or maybe you’ve got couple of old dull Christmas bobbles. Why not give them a new life?

5.    Drawing pictures on craft paper. I’m not a good painter so I don’t show my drawings to anyone. But I’ve got my sketchbook so I’ve tried using ChalkOla markers on the paper too. It feels like you drawing with the acrylic paint but with a hard tip. Marker will slightly scratch the paper surface if you keep drawing at the same place longer than 5 seconds or so. Remember it is a wet marker so it makes the paper wet and soft. So be quick. Probably on the smoother paper surface it would be better. 

6.    My last creative idea is to give ChalkOla wet wipe markers to your child! Kids are normally have so many creative ideas. But do not forget to explain how and where to use this product to keep the parents happy. My daughter loves these markers. They are so bright and easy to use on her chalk board (with my help of cause :).

Quick summary:
This is a new type of product for me and I like it. I believe it would be a good gift for a child or creative person. It can be used as a craft product as well as around the house. The only thing I don’t like about ChalkOla markers is a cheap plastic packaging with sharp edges. I love keeping markers and pens in original cases.  Because my daughter uses these markers too and she is only 3 years old I have to find a proper case to make sure she doesn’t damage her fingers.

ChalkOla offers a 20% discount on all ChalkOla products for my reads. Please use Coupon Code - 20OFFSTR

ChalkOla Set of 10 Party Colors -

ChalkOla Set of 8 Earth Colors -

Disclosure: I was given these products free of charge for my honest independent review. All opinions are my own. I would have no any benefit if your purchase these products following the links above.
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Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set

I’ve just finished working on my new knitting design – Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set. This beautiful and elegant pair of accessories is a perfect piece of wardrobe for this winter. Cosy cowl drapes so beautifully around the shoulders while the hat keeps me warm and stylish. I’m so pleased with the result! And, yes, I've made the matching hat for my little one too :)

Both hat and cowl are knitted in the round with pretty pattern which combines lace stitch and cables. The set is knitted with Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn in shades 1306 and 3125. It is Sport weight yarn.

The hat is knitted with two strand of yarn.

The cowl is knitted with one strand of yarn.

The knitting pattern for this set was successfully test knitted on Ravelry. Thank you so much to all my test knitters for all their time and help!

The knitting pattern for Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set is available from one of my pattern stores:

On Ravelry:
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Country Vest

Despite my huge knitting experience, I had thought that knitting with large needles is not for me. For many years I’ve been knitting with needles form size 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm. “Large needles are for lazy knitters, who want a quick result” I thought. But I was so wrong! Once I’ve tried knitting with super bulky yarn I became very addicted to it. There is some magic in this process and in every stitch. Also it is not so quick as I thought. The super bulky yarn is not spine so tight as chunky or aran yarn and knitting with it requires more attention to every stitch. But the result is so beautiful.
For my first super bulky project I’ve chosen The Wool from we are knitters. I wanted to make simple universal and stylish garment. So I’ve made my Country Vest!

I knitted my vest with my favorite twisted stitch rib and open front. However the width of front parts is big enough to close it with a shawl pin or other fastener.

To simplify the assembly and reduce the quantity of seams I shape the shoulder using two sizes of knitting needles and join front and back parts with three needles bind off along the shoulder line.

Also for a beautiful edge along the armholes and front opening I knitted the edge stitches in every row.

I’m so happy with the result.

The knitting pattern for the Country Vest is available from my pattern stores:

on Ravelry:

on Craftsy: 
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