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Fascination Poncho and Hat Set

Happy knitting everyone!
Please welcome my latest knitting design – Fascination Poncho and Hat set.
For some time, I’ve been thinking about designing of poncho which would have the same shape like Temptation Poncho (modified raglan sleeves, long neck, curve bottom band) but would be easier and faster to knit.  So, here it is. Knitted with bulky weight yarn this poncho has all these features and the matching hat too!
This set is stylish and super cosy clothing for you and your little one.
It is designed to keep you and your little one away from wind and cold.
For this set I used Cloufborn Fibers Superwash Merino Bulky. Front, Back and sleeves of poncho are knitted back and forth up to neck line, the collar is knitted in the round. The hat is knitted in the round too.
The knitting pattern for Fascination Poncho and Hat is written for all sizes from toddler through adult L/XL and available from my pattern stores:
on Ravelry:

on Etsy:

on LoveKnitting:

and on Craftsy:

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Dream Hat and Cowl

Happy knitting! Today I’d like to share my latest knitting design – Dream Hat and Cowl.
I’ve got so many complicated designs knitted with textured and cable stitches so this time I wanted to create something simple yet elegant and cozy. I think I’ve done it.
Both parts of the set are knitted in stockinette stitch in the round and decorated with narrow garter stripe. The hat has a fancy loop at the top. The cowl has a triangular shape at front. It is knitted started from the bottom point back and forth up to shoulders and the finished in the round.

For this set I used the softest merino wool I’ve ever tried – Classy from Dream in Colour. For the set size child I used just one skein.

The knitting pattern for Dream Hat and Cowl is available from my pattern stores:
on Ravelry:

on Craftsy:

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Knit a Gauge Swatch

Knitting a swatch and checking your gauge are essentials for almost every knitting project. Many knitters ignore this task and jump to cast on as soon as possible. As a result, they can have a wrong size garment or get very stiff/loose fabric.
So, knitting a swatch can help you:
-    Choose a correct size of knitting needles and the knitted fabric will look beautiful.
-    To get a right size of the finished garment.

Knitting pattern’s gauge is determined by the designer and can be slightly different from the gauge recommended by the yarn’s manufacturer. You need to follow the designer’s gauge in order to get the correct size of the finished garment.

Also the gauge depends on many other factors such as: personal knitting gauge (some knitters knit loose while the others - tight), yarn type and fibre content, knitting needles material and shape. Some yarn will change its size after washing. So, even if you knit with the yarn recommended in the pattern it is still essential to knit your own swatch and make sure that it matches the pattern one.
Swatch Knitting Tips:
1.    Knit a swatch with the yarn you plan to knit your project with.
2.    Knit a swatches for all stitches used in a pattern if it is recommended by the designer.
3.    Do not knit a tiny swatch. The size of your swatch should be at least 10 cm/4 inch.
4.    Block your swatch before taking your measurements.
5.    Knit your swatch in the round if the garment you going to knit is knitted on circular needles seamlessly.
Knitting Gauge problems:
If a gauge of your swatch matches the recommended gauge for both stitches and rows you can cast on your project and enjoy knitting. If your swatch doesn’t meet the gauge you need to adjust the knitting needle size or in rare cases to change the yarn.
-    If you’ve got more stitches per 10 cm/4” (your stitches are too small) than you need to knit another swatch with bigger needles.
-    If you’ve got fever stitches per 10cm/4” (your stitches are too large) than you need to knit another swatch with smaller needles.
Row gauge:
It is more difficult to get the correct row gauge than stitch gauge sometimes. If you’ve got this problem, you can try using wooden needles instead of metal ones and vice-versa.  The change in needles material can help sometimes. If even after using of different type of needles the row gauge is still incorrect you need to change the yarn.
However, if the pattern instructions are based on length measurement and not quantity of rows you can ignore the row gauge.
Get swatching :) 
So even if you feel this crafty itch in your hands don’t skip this important step and knit your swatch first. It is a great opportunity to try your yarn and test out the stitch especially if you’ve never knitted with it before. It can save your time and give your assurance that your project going to come out correctly.
Happy knitting!!!
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Broken Symmetry Sweater and Giveaway

Happy Knitting Everyone :)

I’ve got a couple of news to share with you today.
First of all, I’ve finished working on my new sweater design which I created for my baby son. It is Broken Symmetry Sweater. Even though I designed it for a boy the design turned out as a perfect unisex garment.

The sweater is knitted with sport weight wool yarn. It is a perfect item for layering with any shirt or T-shirt. The sweater can be combined with a matching Broken Symmetry Hat too.
Constructed with raglan sleeves this sweater is knitted top down seamlessly on circular needles. The front part is knitted with combination of stockinette and stripe stitch. The neck, cuffs and bottom edge of sweater are knitted with 2 by 2 ribbing.
The pattern was successfully test knitted on Ravelry. You can check and adore beautiful projects from my test knitters here:

The PDF pattern is written for the sizes from baby to child and available from my pattern stores on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy and Loveknitting.

I also run a giveaway for knitters in Knitting with ViTalina Craft group on Ravelry.

For your chance to win please head to my knitting group for more info.
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