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More snowflakes...

I've just noticed that I made my "small" record - 117 crocheted snowflakes have already been made for this Christmas! Below my example how to use them for the home decoration.

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Two skeins of yarn and four projects

Few years ago I bought 2 big skeins of Crochet-King Brilliant cotton yarn in a local store. I managed to make 4 projects during few years. And I love them all. The colour of the cotton is natural with added gold thread. Let's start from the latest one.

1. My first crocheted dress which I finished in summer 2011

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Knitted Bunny and Snowman

White Bunny is knitted from soft high quality Merino wool (a part in white) and Noro silk garden (a part in blue). It is filled with soft 100% polyester and has got black onyx beads for eyes and as well as embroidered nose and mouth. The height with ears is about 15 cm.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

3D hand crocheted snowflakes decorated with glass beads

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Miniature hand crocheted Polar Bear

Let me introduce Mike. Mike is teddy bear made from quality light cream PERLE cotton by using a crochet hook 1 mm. He is filled with soft 100% polyester and has a removable hand crocheted jacket and hat in traditional Christmas colours.

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Blue and white striped pullover

I just wanted to knit something comfy for cool evenings. This garment knitted with Italian cotton (can't remember the manufacture's name) and 4 mm needles. The neck is finished with crochet hook. The pullover was about one size bigger after finishing but it shrink after washing and now I'm very happy how it fits.

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It's my first biscornu. Made with DMC cotton on Aida 14.

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Crocheted snowflakes

Is this time for Christmas preparations yet?

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Slow cooker recipe: Sweat pepper stuffed with pork mince and carrot

Slow cooker is one of my favourite kitchen appliances. It helps to prepare healthy and tasty dishes quickly and easily. Just need to prepare all ingredients, pop them into the slow cooker and switch it on. You can leave it to cook on its own while you are out or busy with something. You can also set up the timer and your food will be ready by the time you want!
So below is one of my 
favourite recipe:

Sweat pepper stuffed with pork mince and carrot

  • Preparation time: 20 minutes.
  • Slow cooker setting: low
  • Cooking time: 4.5 hours

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Little cardi

I bought last 4 balls of DMC Senso cotton on sale in a local shop. The actual quantity of yarn wasn't enough for a big project so I've decided to knit a little cardi. I like the quality of this cotton yarn and the final result. The Mini on last picture is not mine. This car was so cute so I decided to take a photo.

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Noro and Crazy Zauberball

I received my order with 5 skeins of Noro in colour S304 and 1 skein of Crazy Zauberball in colour 2092 today.

I'm planning to make a pullover and pair of socks. I've never ever knitted socks. So it's will be a small challenge for me. But should I finish my current project first?!

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Yellow life

Do you like sunflowers? I do! These bright yellow flowers are very beautiful and bubbling with life, they look like a small sun in your hands. It’s my trial project in decoupage technique – sunflower flower pot.

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Summer top

This top was knitted without a pattern. I've improvised this design by looking on the picture from internet. Can't find this picture now on my PC.

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Case for photo camera

I've just finished my small crocheted project – a case for photo camera.

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My current project

I’m working on some kind of “basic cardy” now. I'm not using any particular pattern for this project, just have some idea in my head. It’s going to be a cardigan with raglan sleeves, small pockets at the front and may be with few buttons.

I’m knitting with Debbie Bliss pure silk in apricot colour, which I have bought on ebay recently but I’m not very happy with the quality of the yarn. I’ve got mixed impression about this yarn. It’s incredibly soft, warm and silky and it has very bright pretty colour and shine. I absolutely love touching it. But it’s not the best yarn to work with. It twits and knots itself frequently and has very uneven texture. There are a lot of sections where the yarn is either very thin or really thick. So it’s very difficult to keep an even gauge and it’s not possible to discard all bad sections because of they quantity.

Anyway I hope I will finish this project soon and hopefully it will be good enough as casual cardigan.
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First post

It’s my first post ever… 

I’ve been thinking about to create a blog for a long time and finally decided to make a start. Of course, knitting is my main hobby, but I also enjoy crochet, felting, sewing, cross stitch and other similar activities.

I started knitting when I was about 7 years old just because I was bored. It was summer holidays and most of my friends were away. So my granny taught me basic stitches and I started my journey into the knitting world. I don’t remember my first project. Maybe it was scarf for my favourite doll or just a knitting sample. Anyway I remember my second project – it was a sweater for myself. I was so proud when I finished it.

I have so many projects and ideas in my head that I wish to have another pair of hands and 48 hours instead of 24.  I like creating new designs and I want to share them in my new blog here. In my next post I show some of my favourite finished projects and what I am working on now. Just need some time to figure out how to add pictures and other stuff to a blog page.
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