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Yellow life

Do you like sunflowers? I do! These bright yellow flowers are very beautiful and bubbling with life, they look like a small sun in your hands. It’s my trial project in decoupage technique – sunflower flower pot.

This flower pot has a long story. It used to be a bright yellow pot with bright yellow gerbera in it which I bought few years ago. But when gerbera died the pot was forgotten outside for a long time and the paint was damaged by frost. Fortunately, one day I bought beautiful paper napkins with sunflowers and decided to give the pot a second life. The old paint was scrapped off, the flowerpot was painted with a white paint, and then a few flowers cut-outs were glued to the pot’s surface and covered with three layers of varnish on the top.

So, the yellow life of the yellow flowerpot is continuing. Can you guess what the colour of the rose is growing in this pot? Yes, it’s yellow!

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