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Two skeins of yarn and four projects

Few years ago I bought 2 big skeins of Crochet-King Brilliant cotton yarn in a local store. I managed to make 4 projects during few years. And I love them all. The colour of the cotton is natural with added gold thread. Let's start from the latest one.

1. My first crocheted dress which I finished in summer 2011

The dress is seamless and was crocheted with 1.5 mm hook. I made it without any pattern and very happy with the result. I've never thought that I can crochet a dress!

2. The knitted summer top with a hood which was completed in summer 2009

I think it was a crazy idea to knit the crochet cotton. I used the 2 mm needles the smallest I had. I'm also happy with the result.

3. The crocheted doily top

4. My first crocheted bag

I love this 2 projects too. And I still have some yarn left! :)

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  1. What beautiful projects. You're a braver woman than me on two counts, firstly by even contemplating undertaking such large crochet projects yet along executing them so very well and then secondly by wearing the crocheted dress which you do very well too.