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Sid - OOAK Needle Felted Miniature Funny Bunny

Please meet Sid is needle felted miniature bunny toy with a carrot.

Sid is needle felted with white merino wool. 
His face and features are slightly shaded with soft pastels and embroidered with DMC thread. Sid's eyes are glass beads and he always carries his sweet orange carrot. The carrot is also needle felted with orange merino wool and decorated with DMC thread and crochet cotton.
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Mr. Tintin - OOAK Needle Felted Miniature Monkey

Please meet my new needle felted miniature toy. It's a little monkey boy. His name is Mr. Tintin.

Mr. Tintin has big blue eyes and "palm shape" pendant on his neck. He is made with high quality cream and light grey merino wool. His eyes are made with polymer clay and hand crafted with blue and black acrylic colours.
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Mr. Monte - OOAK Needle Felted Miniature Elephant

My new needle felted elephant - Mr. Monte.

Mr. Monte is needle felted with grey merino wool. His face and features are slightly shaded with soft pastels. His eyes are onyx beads and his body felted with reverse needle to make him slightly fuzzy.
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Back to knitting shopping

Thinking about my new knitting projects... I have recently received some knitting Yarn from Blacksheepwools internet shop:

1.Rowan Siena 4ply; colour Sunray
2.Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Dk; colour Mango Presse
3. Sublime Egyptian Cotton Dk; colour Bud Pink
4. Sublime Egyptian Cotton Dk; colour Peony
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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!!
For this romantic day I've created a small gift for my beloved husband. It's a Valentine Cat Angel!

The Cat is made with jeans and satin fabrics, stuffed with soft polyester filling. The eyes drawn with acrylic colours. The Cat holds the needle felted hearts with our initials. His nose is also needle felted.
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Maxwell - OOAK Needle Felted Teddy Bear

Maxwell is my new needle felted miniature bear.

Maxwell is a tiny boy with blue lace collar and pink bell on his neck. He made with high quality white merino wool. Maxwell's face and features are embroidered with dark brown DMC cotton threads and slightly shaded. His eyes are onyx beads.
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Brownie - OOAK Needle Felted Teddy Bear

Please meet my new needle felted bear. His name is Brownie.

Brownie is a tiny boy with blue bell on his neck. He made with high quality brown merino wool and his eyes are onyx beads. Brownie is a five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable.
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Pink Sorbet – OOAK Miniature Elephant with flower

My new miniature needle felted elephant with a tiny flower

Sorbet is needle felted with high quality merino wool in white and pink colours. Her face and features are slightly shaded with soft pastels. Her eyes are glass beads and her body felted with reverse needle to make her slightly fuzzy.
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