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Oliver miniature crochet bear

Oliver is tiny white bear cub.

He is a brave traveller and adventurer. Hi is crocheted with soft high quality white merino wool with 1.5 mm crochet hook and filled with soft polyester filling. Oliver’s face and features are embroidered with dark brown DMC cotton threads. His eyes are onyx beads and his face, legs, arms and body are slightly shaded with light brown colour. He wears his knitted comfy trousers and crocheted peaked cap in orange-red colour decorated with red glass beads and carries his light yellow rucksack and butterfly net. A tiny bear’s items can be put to the rucksack to help Oliver in his adventures.

Oliver is five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable. Hi is about 3 inches (~ 80 mm) tall when standing and 2.5 inches (~ 65 mm) when seating with a cap off.

Materials and tools:
White merino wool, lamb wool in red shades, crochet cotton, DMC embroidery cotton thread, glass beads, onyx beds, 1 mm and 1.5 mm crochet hooks, 2 mm needles

1 comment:

  1. What a lot of work went into Oliver and his clothes, back pack and fishing net. He really is a super little bear; you're so clever!