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Molly miniature elephant

Molly is a tiny elephant cub. She is a lovely baby girl who likes dancing and playing funny games.

She is crocheted with soft cotton in cream colour and 1 mm crochet hook and filled with soft polyester filling. Molly’s face and features are embroidered with light brown DMC cotton threads. Her eyes are onyx beads and her face and feet are slightly shaded.

Molly wears bright green skirt and pink flower on her head. Molly is a five-way thread jointed so her head, arms and legs are movable. She is about 2 inches (~ 55 mm) tall when standing and 1.70 inches (~ 40 mm) when seating.

Tools and materials:Crochet cotton, DMC embroidery cotton thread, onyx beads, 1 mm crochet hook

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