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Daniel OOAK miniature crochet bear with friend Snail

Daniel is my new crochet bear miniature.

Daniel is a lovely cheerful boy with his best friend Snail. They love travel together around the world. Daniel is crocheted with soft high quality brown alpaca and merino wool blend with 1 mm crochet hook and filled with soft polyester filling. His face and features are embroidered with dark brown DMC cotton threads and slightly shaded. His eyes are onyx beads.

Daniel is a five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable. He is about 2.75 inches (~ 70 mm) tall when standing and 2 inches (~ 50 mm) when seating with a cap off.

Materials and tools:
Scandinavian wool, crochet cotton, DMC embroidery cotton thread, jeans fabric, glass beads, onyx beads, 1 mm crochet hook, polyester filling

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