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Wyn OOAK Halloween miniature crochet bear with needle felted pumpkin

Are you ready for the Halloween Party?
My new crochet Wyn Teddy bear can't wait it! He already has prepared his witches broom and needle felted pumpkin toy.

Wyn is a lovely little boy. He is crocheted with soft high quality brown alpaca and merino wool blend with 1 mm crochet hook and filled with soft polyester filling. His face and features are embroidered with brown DMC cotton threads and slightly shaded. His eyes are black glass beads.

Wyn wears his crocheted witches’ hat and bright orange romper suit decorated with glass beads.

Wyn is a five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable. He is about 2 inches (~ 55 mm) tall when standing and 1.5 inches (~ 40 mm) when seating with a hat off.

Materials and tools:
Merino wool, crochet cotton, DMC embroidery cotton thread, glass beads, 1 mm crochet hook, polyester filling