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Lucky - OOAK Needle Felted Teddy Bear

I am so sad because Brownie and Maxwell teddy bears that I sent three weeks ago by 1st class Royal Mail have not arrived to their new owner Sarah yet, and it seems they have gone missing in the post. So, I am going to refund money in full to my buyer Sarah and to say thanks for her patience and waiting I am going to send her a gift - my latest teddy bear Lucky. Please meet him.

I hope his name will help him to arrive safely and quickly to Sarah!
Like my other needle felted miniatures. Lucky is made with soft merino wool.

His eyes are glass beads. He has a tiny blue bell on his neck and blue lace collar. Lucky is a five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable. His face is slightly shaded with light brown colour.

Materials and tools:
Merino wool, glass beads, blue bell toy, blue lace, felting needles.

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