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Choco - OOAK Miniature Needle Felted Teddy Bear

Choco is my another needle felted teddy bear.

Choco is a tiny boy with yellow bell on his neck and with his favourite wheeled horse toy. The horse toy is made with polymer clay and hand painted with acrylic colours.

He is made with high quality brown merino wool and his eyes are onyx beads.

Choco is a five-way thread jointed so his head, arms and legs are movable.

Choco is 2.75 inches (approx. 73 mm) tall when standing and 2.15 inches (approx. 55 mm) when seating.

Materials and tools:
Merino wool, onyx beads, yellow bell toy, polymer clay, acrylic paint, felting needles
.Choco has found his new home!

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