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Gear Cardigan

I don’t have many requests for knitted garments from my lovely husband. But if I have one I try to postpone all my current projects and knit for him before he changes his mind. This time I was asked to design open front casual cardigan for him. So please welcome my Gear Cardigan. This is the first male pattern in my collection and debut of my husband in modelling.

This comfy cardigan is knitted with bulky weight wool yarn. So it is quick and easy project for those who love knitting with large needles. I used The petite wool from We Are Knitters for it. As my husband is not a big fun of cables and complicated patterns I decided to use two matching textured stitches for this project. 

Deep neck opening with ribbing along the front edges finishes this style perfectly.

This timeless cardigan is a perfect garment for both countryside work and city adventures. It is warm, cosy and stylish.

The knitting pattern for it is available from my pattern stores:




Paper Printed copy on eBay:


  1. Thank you! I've been hunting for a pattern for a Cardigan I'll actually wear! I now need to find the right colour....
    Thank Greg.

    1. Thank you Greg. Happy knitting!!! :)

  2. Morning, I've just done a gauge test with some 12ply on 8mm needles - it's huge and loose and floppy, is that what it should be? I've tried the suggested needles on the yarn of 5.5mm and they're fairly close! Is it me?

    1. Hello Greg,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      No, it shouldn’t be very loose and floppy. It could be the yarn problem. The same weight yarn from different suppliers can be different. What yarn are you knitting with?
      It is always recommended to adjust the knitting needles size if necessary. If you can meet the gauge with 5.5 mm needles, please knit with them.
      If you’ve got more questions please send me a message to the email shown in the pattern. So I can answer to you quicker.
      Happy knitting,