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Rocky - OOAK Needle Felted Christmas Teddy Bear

I’ve just finished my new needle felted Christmas miniature. It is Rocky the Teddy Bear. I have been working on creation of new bear’s face and body. I am very pleased with the result. I just absolutely love this big dark brown nose!

Rocky wears Christmas hat crocheted in red and green colors and decorated with tiny green bell and the matching scarf. He also carries his crocheted Christmas wreath. The wreath is decorated with glass beads, gold bell and ribbon in purple colors.

He can be purchased on eBay auction

Rocky is made with brown merino wool. He is a five-way thread joined so his arms, legs and head are movable. His eyes are onyx beads and his size is about 95 mm (3.5 inches) when standing and 70 mm (3 inches) when seating with hat off.

Material and tools:
Merino wool, crochet cotton, glass and onyx beads, ribbon, bells, felting needles.

He can be purchased on eBay auction

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