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Country Vest

Despite my huge knitting experience, I had thought that knitting with large needles is not for me. For many years I’ve been knitting with needles form size 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm. “Large needles are for lazy knitters, who want a quick result” I thought. But I was so wrong! Once I’ve tried knitting with super bulky yarn I became very addicted to it. There is some magic in this process and in every stitch. Also it is not so quick as I thought. The super bulky yarn is not spine so tight as chunky or aran yarn and knitting with it requires more attention to every stitch. But the result is so beautiful.
For my first super bulky project I’ve chosen The Wool from we are knitters. I wanted to make simple universal and stylish garment. So I’ve made my Country Vest!

I knitted my vest with my favorite twisted stitch rib and open front. However the width of front parts is big enough to close it with a shawl pin or other fastener.

To simplify the assembly and reduce the quantity of seams I shape the shoulder using two sizes of knitting needles and join front and back parts with three needles bind off along the shoulder line.

Also for a beautiful edge along the armholes and front opening I knitted the edge stitches in every row.

I’m so happy with the result.

The knitting pattern for the Country Vest is available from my pattern stores:

on Ravelry:

on Craftsy: 


  1. Hi,
    The pattern indicates that 1000 yards is required for the large size, but that seems to be a lot. Are you sure that is correct?

    1. Hi Samantha,
      Thank you for your question. I've just double checked the quantity of yarn. The quantity of yarn for the large size is about 1000g (5 skeins x 200g) I used 4 skeins + small amount of yarn from the fifth skein. I'm sorry for the confusion.