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Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set

I’ve just finished working on my new knitting design – Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set. This beautiful and elegant pair of accessories is a perfect piece of wardrobe for this winter. Cosy cowl drapes so beautifully around the shoulders while the hat keeps me warm and stylish. I’m so pleased with the result! And, yes, I've made the matching hat for my little one too :)

Both hat and cowl are knitted in the round with pretty pattern which combines lace stitch and cables. The set is knitted with Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn in shades 1306 and 3125. It is Sport weight yarn.

The hat is knitted with two strand of yarn.

The cowl is knitted with one strand of yarn.

The knitting pattern for this set was successfully test knitted on Ravelry. Thank you so much to all my test knitters for all their time and help!

The knitting pattern for Lace Charm Hat and Cowl Set is available from one of my pattern stores:

On Ravelry:


  1. Could you please indicate what stitches are used in making this hat?
    Could this hat be made into a ponytail hat? If so, could you indicate how?
    Thank you

    1. The stitches are as follow: knit, purl, yo, cables, k2tog, p2tog, p3tog, ssk.
      I think any hat can be made into ponytail hat. I would ignore the last decresing row (for child size) and insert elastic cord into the open stitches rather than yarn. Also, I wouldn't tight it to much, just leave a small hole.

  2. Thank you so much! Hoping to make this for a Christmas Gift. The hat is beautiful. Love the design.