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Lady Butterfly Vest

I have designed and made new knitted vest for my little daughter. It is a beautiful vest with a butterfly at the front. It completes a set with my Lady Butterfly Hat which I designed last spring. Surprisingly the hat is still fitting my daughter. So, you can see the complete set in the pictures.

The vest is knitted on 3.25 mm needles using Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino yarn shade 08. I love this yarn. It is very soft for baby projects as well as easy to work with.

I knitted front and back parts of the vest bottom up which is my favourite knitting method for sweaters, vest and other garments. Then I completed side and shoulder seams and then casted on stitches for neck and armholes. The butterfly body is a cable which is knitted together with front part of the vest and then decorated with red seed beads. The butterfly wings are knitted separately and attached to butterfly body as an applique. I think the wings can also be made in different color or in same color but with different shade.

I am so happy with the result and my daughter too! We had a lot of fun during our photo shoot. My daughter’s shoes are matching this stylish set too. It is another surprise because we bought them just day before and didn’t expect such a perfect color match. 

If you like my project and would like to make similar for your little one the knitting patterns for my Lady Butterfly Vest and Hat are available from my shops.

Update Note:
Rev.Ax - First Release - October, 2014

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