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White Cockatoo Scarf

Some time ago I found a beautiful parrot scarf in the web and wanted to knit one for myself. I spent some time looking for a knitting pattern for it but unfortunately I did not find anything. Finally I decided to design my own hand knitted version of this scarf. So, today I am ready to share my White Cockatoo Scarf.

My scarf is knitted with a check pattern that looks the same on both wrong and right sides. I used Drops merino extra fine wool yarn in white colour and 3.5 mm knitting needles to make this scarf. The opposite end of the scarf is decorated with two-colour fringe in white and yellow colour.
Metal crocodile clip inside the parrot beak works as a clasp which allows drape the scarf beautifully around the neck.

The scarf itself is pretty easy to knit. It just needs a patience and neatness to assemble the parrot head.

I also wrote a knitting pattern for my White Cockatoo Scarf which contains step-by-step photo-tutorial for knitting of aigrette and assembly process.
The knitting pattern can be downloaded from one of my stores:

on Ravelry:

on Craftsy:

on Etsy:

or hard copy on eBay:


  1. I totally love this and want to make one!! I only crochet!! Do you know of a pattern for crocheting?? Help!!

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment. :) Unfortunately I haven't seen similar crochet pattern, sorry.

  2. I made it for my sister who had a Cockatoo, she loved it. Now making one for a friend in American/Canadian border who has a Cockatoo called Dusty and another one for a friend in the Isle of Man who has one called Kiki hope they were be thrilled too!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I really happy to hear that your sister loves her new scarf!